Armor can be used by a player to increase how durable they are to enemy attacks whilst also being able to increase a range of offensive and utility based attributes such as weapon damage, spell power and movement speed.

All armors require a base amount of certain attributes as well as a class that is proficient with that armor type. If you do not meet the requirements then a penalty is incurred reducing the benefits of the armor.

Cloth Armor Cloth Armor Edit

There are two types of cloth armor.

One type of cloth armor focuses more on defensive magical stats.

The other type of cloth armor focuses more on the offensive magical stats.

Leather Armor Leather Armor Edit

There are two types of leather armor.

Normal leather armor focuses slightly more on attack speed, crit chance and movement speed attributes.

Fighters leather armor offers more weapon damage.

Plate Armor Plate Armor Edit

There are two types of plate armor.

Normal plate armor that offers high defensive stats to make a character very tanky.

Magical plate armor that has lower defensive stats but has additional spell power.

Special Armor Special Armor Edit

Special armor is rare and currently only obtained by chance through purchases of mystery bundles from the guild hall shop. Special armor has no proficiency requirements.

There are two types of special armor.

Enemy Rewards armor that boosts the experience and coins gained from enemy kills.

Gold Mining armor that boosts effectiveness of tools in the gold mine, and collections from the gold mine.

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