The blacksmith allows players to upgrade their weapons, armor and runes to increase the quality of them, making them more powerful.

Weapons and armor can be upgraded for gold coins and shards. Shards can be obtained from certain quests and from the gold mine.

Runes can be upgraded using rune dust that is obtained by reducing unwanted runes to rune dust in the blacksmith.

Item Quality Edit

Item quality plays a big role in the amount of stats that a player will get from the item thus affecting the overall power of a character.

All weapons, armor and runes will have a star quality on them but only armor and runes can get a plus bonus on them.

Stars Edit

Stars are a large factor when it comes to increasing the stats that an item has to offer.

The number of stars range from 1 for the lowest quality to 6 for the highest quality.

The stars do not affect the requirements needed to be proficient with a specific item.

Pluses Edit

The plus value can be found on armor and runes. This will dictate the relative level of an item compared to the same item with a different number of pluses.

The plus value will affect the attributes required in order to be proficient with a piece of armor. Higher pluses will offer more stats than the same item type with fewer pluses but also have higher attribute requirements.

Shard Exchange Edit

The blacksmith also allows shards to be exchanged for shards of different sizes.

10 smaller shards can be exchanged for one shard of the next size up, or one larger shard can be exchanged for 5 smaller shards of the next size down.

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