The campaign consists of different stages, each containing multiple maps including at least one boss map that must be completed in order to progress to the next stage.

Stages Edit

There are eight different stages. These stages are:

  • The Meadow
  • Hazard Beach
  • Barren Land
  • Rocky Way
  • Frozen Valley
  • Poison Waste
  • Lava Lakes
  • Dragon Lairs

The Dragon Lairs are split into 5 sub-stages of Earth, Fire, Ice, Undead and Chromatic.

Difficulties Edit

Each map can be played through on a range of different difficulties offering progressively better rewards than the previous difficulties.

Stars Edit

Each map can be completed with anywhere from 0 to 3 stars. Killing monsters and the portal guardian will all offer progress towards achieving a higher number of stars.

The more stars a player gets the greater their rewards will be. 0 stars will offer 50% experience and gold coins, 1 star will offer 100% experience and gold coins, 2 stars will offer 150% experience and gold coins and 3 stars will offer 200% experience and gold coins.

Rewards Edit

Experience and coins are rewarded from killing monsters and then multiplied based on number of stars.

Completing stages on any difficulty will also result in unlocking the next stage along with additional content.

Chests Edit

Chests will drop gold coins, guild points, gem bags and items.

These can be found all throughout each of the different maps and the quality of the items dropped is determined by the difficulty of the map.

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