There are different types of equipment available in the game.

All weapons and armor have attribute and class proficiency requirements to use them. If these requirements are not met then the player will only benefit from a percentage of the stats.

1H Sword Weapons

Weapons provide the main means of attacking. Weapons are carried in the main hand, and sometimes in the other hand (off-hand). Shields are equipped like weapons, but just in the off-hand, and give defense rather than attack.

Plate Armor Armors

Armors typically provide defense and health boosts, but they can also provide offensive benefits as well. The different parts of the armor can be worn in the five locations: head, torso, gloves, legs and feet.

Attack speed rune Runes

Runes provide attack, defense or utility bonuses. One attack bonus rune, one defense bonus rune and one utility bonus rune can be equipped at the time.

Currencies Currencies

Currencies are not strictly equipped, but they are carried in the currencies equipment bag. There are ten different currencies that can be accumulated and spent.

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