Guilds can be joined in the guild hall allowing the player to play a range of different classes with different playstyles. Each class has unique abilities. Some of the abilities can be used by other classes.

Each class also benefits from a small amount of the attributes of other classes, so the more guilds you have unlocked and the higher level they are, the stronger your other classes are.

In addition to level, the player has a rank within each of the guilds, which can be increased at levels of 30, 60, 90 and 120 with a payment of guild points.

Basic Guilds Edit

Nomads Nomads

Nomads are travelers who don't specialise in anything. They are fairly weak and basic but leveled up can still become reasonably strong.

Rogues Rogues

Rogues are a basic Agility class that use two one-handed weapons and quick attacks to slash their enemies to death. They are proficient in understanding the weak spots of an enemy and are capable of doing some massive critical hits.

Mages Mages

Mages are users of magic with a wide range of knowledge of different spells. Mages use a combination of elemental spells to offensively control and damage their enemies.

Warriors Warriors

Warriors are strong melee characters that wield heavy weapons and heavy armors to both crush their enemies and defend themselves against them.

Paladins Paladins

Paladins are protectors of the weak using heavy armors and weapons along with the use of holy spells in order to heal and kill.

Summoners Summoners

Summoners summon powerful allies to aid them in battle and to help them destroy enemies.

Archers Archers

Archers wield weapons that they can use from a distance to kill their foes without having to engage in a direct confrontation.

Expert Guilds Edit

Warlocks Warlocks

Warlocks are powerful magic users that make pacts with demons in order to help them fight in battle.

Hunters Hunters

Hunters are powerful fighters that use the environment and strategical trapping in order to defeat even the toughest of enemies.

Knights Knights

Knights are powerful fighters sworn to do their duty. They are incredibly skilled fighters who wield the heaviest of weapons and armors.

Master Guilds Edit

Battlemages Battlemages

Battlemages use both weapons and magic to help vanquish their foes. They are true masters with the ability to enhance the strength of their weapons with magical properties as well as being able to cast offensive spells and spells to boost themselves whilst also tearing their enemies to shreds with a blade.

Dark knights Dark Knights

Dark Knights are heavy armor and weapon users that utilise dark magics in order to assist them in devastating their enemies.

Dragoons Dragoons

Dragoons are wielders of polearm style weapons who are very agile and battle their foes taking advantage of their midrange strengths.

Elite Guild Edit

Heroes Heroes

Heroes are the ultimate class in combat. They utilise all the abilities that have been learned throughout their time spent studying a range of other class abilities. They are both strong in physical combat and the arts of magic.

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