The gold mine is an idle style activity that slowly builds up a stock of rewards that the player can collect.

The gold mine is available after the first 6 maps have been completed in The Meadow of the campaign.

Gold Mine Rewards Edit

In addition to gold coins, the gold mine rewards can include other currencies such as blacksmith shards, guild points, chest keys and premium gems.

Each mine worker will gather from a particular rock. The rocks give specific rewards, so some rewards will not be available until the corresponding rocks have been discovered in the mine.

Mine Blockages Edit

The gold mine has blockages that stop the mine workers getting to the rocks they mine. The player has to destroy these blockages give access to the mine workers.

The blockages deeper in the mine are harder to destroy, but will be made easier if the mining pickaxe tool is upgraded.

Gathering Food Edit

The player needs to periodically gather food in the gold mine to feed the mine workers who do the mining for the player.

Depending on the level of the harvesting food tools, food can be gathered in the gold mine by digging up plants, fishing the waters (where the bubbles appear), or killing and collecting from the animals.

The higher the harvesting level tools, the faster the food can be gathered.

Looking at the status in the gold mine will give information on how many miners there are and how long the food will last.

If the miners run out of food, they will only gather the rewards at half the normal rate.

Gathering Wood Edit

Wood can be gathered to upgrade mining tools or upgrade storage.

There are three types of tree that can be cut for wood. Some types require higher level woodcutting hatchets to get wood from them, but do give more wood.

Mining Research Edit

Researching the various mining rocks will increase the rate at which the rewards are obtained for that type of rock.

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