The labyrinth is an activity where the player explores around a maze for 2 minutes looting chests with good rewards.

The labyrinth is available once big enemy boss at the end of "Hazard Beach" in the campaign has been completed.

The labyrinth can be played every 2 hours. Event tickets can be used to get additional attempts at the labyrinth.

Chest Keys Edit

Chest keys are needed to unlock large chests that have far better rewards. These keys can be obtained via a range of different sources.

Blockages Edit

Some paths are blocked with a boulders. These boulders can be destroyed with three hits of the pickaxe.

Strategy Edit

One useful strategy is to zoom out on the mini-map to see where most of the chests are, then zoom back in so you can see the maze better, and head in the direction of most of the chests.

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