The royal dragons is an activity where the player tries to defeat a huge royal dragon.

The royal dragons is available once big enemy boss at the end of "The Meadow" in the campaign has been completed.

The royal dragons can be done every 4 hours, where the player can fight the dragon to slowly weaken it down. Any damage done to the dragons will remain so the player can beat them over multiple attempts.

Every attempt at killing a dragon will also give access to a chest that can yield additional rewards such as items, rune dust, guild points, chest keys, etc.

Event tickets can be used to get additional attempts at the royal dragons.

Hatchling Eggs Edit

Defeating a dragon results in a dragon egg being dropped.

The egg can be taken by the player to the hatching brazier. Once placed on the brazier, it will begin to develop and will hatch after a period of time.

The baby dragon that comes from the egg will give the player additional passive bonuses.

Passive Bonuses Edit

The passive bonuses from the baby dragons depends upon the color of the baby dragon.

Dragon Color Passive Bonus
Green Increased health
Red Increased weapon damage
Yellow Increased gold coins from enemies
Purple Increased experience from enemies
Blue Increased spell power
Brown Increased critical chance
Gray Increased critical damage
Black Increased attack speed

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