The tower offers 100 floors of challenging monsters and puzzles to be beaten. Each floor gets excessively harder than the last but will yield better rewards.

It is available once big enemy boss at the end of "Barren Land" in the campaign has been completed.

Platforms Edit

Each tower floor has seven challenge platforms that have to be done before the player is able to reach the exit on the eighth platform.

The challenge platforms will either be enemies to fight or a puzzle to solve.

Enemy Challenges Edit

The enemy challenges can be 2 or 3 larger enemies, or it could be a swarm of smaller enemies. Having attacks that can deal damage to multiple enemies can be very useful for these.

The last platform will be a "boss" challenge, which will usually have a harder "boss" enemy to kill.

Puzzle Challenges Edit

The puzzle challenges will have a lectern stand with a help book on it to explain what needs doing in case the player is not familiar with the puzzle.

Types of puzzles that could appear are:

  • Sliding Picture
  • Connect Pipes
  • Blue or Red
  • Growing Crystals
  • Slime Chaser
  • Whack-a-Skelly
  • Save the Civilians

Rewards Edit

Each time a tower floor is completed, the player is rewarded with a rune.

The tower is the only source for getting runes, which offer big stat bonuses. Better runes will be given the higher the floor that is completed.

Runes can be upgraded at the blacksmith using rune dust from other reduced runes.

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