Weapons play a major factor into how well a character is able to deal damage to enemies.

There are many different types of weapons, some focus more on offering good weapon damage, some focus on offering spell power and some offer a combination.

All weapons require a base amount of certain attributes as well as a class that is proficient with that weapon type. If you do not meet the requirements then a penalty is incurred reducing the benefits of the weapon.

1H vs 2H Weapons Edit

Some weapons are used in one hand (1H) and some are used in two hands (2H).

Generally, 2-Handed weapons are more powerful than 1-Handed weapons, but they occupy both hands.

1-Handed weapons generally use the main-hand, which leaves the off-hand available for other choices. 1-Handed weapons can also be used in the off-hand, but these will not be effective unless the player is in a class proficient in dual wielding.

1H Weapons Edit

1H Sword 1H Sword

One-handed swords are general weapons for those that like to hack and slash.

1H Axe 1H Axe

One-handed axes are weapons for strong characters to chop enemies down to size.

1H Mace 1H Mace

One-handed maces are weapons for melee characters that cast the occasional spells.

Dagger Dagger

Daggers are weapons for agile characters that prefer quick attacks.

Wand Wand

Wands are weapons for casting spells, preferably from a distance.

2H Weapons Edit

Polearm Polearm

Polearms are long weapons used to strike enemies with sweeping blows.

2H Sword 2H Sword

Two-handed swords are large weapons for strong characters to deal powerful blows.

2H Axe 1H Axe

Two-handed axes are heavy weapons for strong characters that deals consistent damage.

2H Mace 1H Mace

Two-handed maces are large weapons for melee characters that cast the occasional spells.

Staff Staff

Staffs are weapons for spell casters that also do the occasional melee attack.

Bow Bow

Bows are agile weapons for shooting arrows at enemies from a distance.

Off-Hand Items Edit

Shield Shield

Shields provide a user with good defensive stats to make them be able to withstand significantly more attacks.

They have a block chance which is the chance of successfully blocking an attack, and a block value which is how much damage the shield will reduce from each incoming attack on a successful block.

Magic orb Magic orb

Magic orbs are magical off-hand items that grants a user a good amount of spell power to make their spells more effective.

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